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    Since its foundation in 1903, Harley-Davidson has been breaking through the hurdles on motorcycles changing from generation to generation, based on the belief“Fulfilling dreams of personal freedom”.
    This course of history has been referred to as American culture, and the company has been emerging as an outstanding global motorcycle company tickling tremendous number of riders’ heart.
    With a history of 58 years, Watanabe Motors is also moving towards the next stage.

    In January 2016, Harley-Davidson headquarters granted our company the use of the name “Harley-Davidson Shizuoka”.
    The encouraging support and faith from customers has given us the leverage to overcome numerous difficulties over the years.
    We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the support from every customer.

    "Force” Of Harley-Davidson Shizuoka 4”B”
    We will develop our strength with the banner “4B” in the slogan "Force Of Harley-Davidson Shizuoka 4B" in 2016, being proud of Harley-Davidson official dealer in the center of Shizuoka.

    Based on 58 years of our history including an association with Harley-Davidson for over 40 years, we show our strength in proposal capability for wide-range domain; motorcycles, custom parts, clothing, finance, and insurance.

    Bond: Fellowship through Life
    We have strength in sharing the success with customers via events with customers such as custom contests, USA touring, domestic touring, and test-drive.

    Bliss: Pleasant time
    We have fully equipped cafe lounge for relaxation purpose while looking at the map of North American.

    Benefit: Conscientious after-sales care
    Follow-up for HD riders such as full of seasonal HD apparel, quick regular inspection, proposal for parts custom, arrangement of life counselor for riders.

    Since Harley-Davidson could make life-changing improvements to your riding experience, we ceaselessly strive to satisfy customers and hope to provide a memorable shopping experience at our shop.
    Besides I studied mechanics for two years from the time of 18 years old at Harley-Davidson Long Beach, I acquired pilot's license for the private and Cessna aircraft. As you can see, I am passionate about mechanics, and am also in love with the feeling of freedom.
    We will do our best to help “Fulfilling dreams of personal freedom” for customers, as long as Harley-Davidson engines resound.

    We hope to offer the ultimate motorcycles for freedom lovers.

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